Recent Arrivals

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Recent Arrivals

The purpose of this page is to show pictures that illustrate recent exciting additions to our inventory of yarns for knitting, crochet and weaving, threads and painted canvases for needlepointing and tools and equipment for crochet, knitting, needlepointing and weaving.

As we get new exciting merchandise we will post picture of them in the appropriate sections below. We suggest that you bookmark this page and check it frequently to see our latest finds.

See Knitting below.

Recently we acquired a  selection of wonderful Whimsical Colors yarns. We show pictures of them below. But you really need to see and touch them in person to fully appreciate how wonderful they are.

Wimsical Colors In The TreesSilky Light In The Trees
Whimsical Colors Silky Light MustiqueSilky Light Mystique
Wimisacle Colors Silky Light Deep PurpleSilky Light Deep Purple

Whimsical Yarns Silky Light Dragon's BloodSilky Light Dragon's Blood
Whimsical Colors Silky Light Into The AbyssSilky Light Into The Abyss
Whimsical Colors Silky Light Electric BlueSilky Light Electric Blue
Whimsical Colors Yak DK Diving DeepYak DK  Diving Deep
Whimisical Colors Yak DK  Pelindaba LavendarYak DK Pelindaba Lavender
Whimsical Colors DK Yak RubiesYak DK Rubies
Whimsical Colors DK Yak EvergreenDK Yak Evergreen

We suggest that you bookmark this page and check back frequently to see if we have added any new and exciting threads, or lines of painted canvases, that may interest you.

See knitting above.