Water N'Ice
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Water N'Ice

Needlepoint > Threads > Water N'Ice

Is a loosely braided translucent ribbon thread. Fantastic for painted canvases where you want the color to show through. Also reflects surfaces such as water, ice, mirrors, glass, mirrors, dew drops and frost. Available in many bright colors which are great for Halloween canvases and Christmas Ornaments. Long Stitches give the best results

Needlepoint 13-18 Count
Cross Stitch 11-14 Count
Long Stitch 24-26 Count
100% Nylon
10 Yard Cards
Hand Washable
Made in Japan

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Water N' Ice WT02 Water Blue


Water N' Ice WT03 Flame Yellow


Water N' Ice WT04 Flame Orange


Water N' Ice WT05 Flame Red


Water N' Ice WT06 Flame Dk Red


Water N' Ice WT07 Pink


Water N' Ice WT08 Pale Yellow


Water N' Ice WT09 Deep Navy


Water N' Ice WT12 Pearl Ice


Water N' Ice WT13 Aqua


Water N' Ice WT14 Ocean


Water N' Ice WT15 Rain Gray


Water N' Ice WT16 Taupe


Water N' Ice WT17 Barley Rose